weekly photo prompt: solitary flower

Something I photographed earlier this year, on an exotic island cove where Spanish Galleons used as a safe harbor during the onslaught of the Pacific Ocean storms. I had wanted to show the simplest of Philippine flowers in an uncluttered but technically complex photographic setting, and this was the result.   photographed on location at […]

daily prompt: home sweet home

having spent the whole of yesterday at the home of a world-renowned sculptor, I made it a point to do my own found art photography somewhere and somehow in his home. eventually i decided on two images, this one being his housecat, which made sure i noticed how friendly he was. incidentally, today’s daily prompt […]

daily prompt: travel

Daily post: travel. This was the morning after arriving in Baler, Philippines, on their peak season, without making reservations. Having been relegated to a farm hotel far far away from the beach, the only thing we were looking forward to was a hot cup of coco.  But apparently hot water was not in regular supply […]

on photographic “rules” and why I tell my students that I don’t teach “rules”.

Predicted Behaviour.  That’s what happens when beginners hear you say that “it’s supposed to be like this, or like that” and pretty soon everyone is doing exactly what they “selectively heard”. Specifically, I am talking about two very common “rules” they will have read or heard somewhere, but minus the context of the entire conversation. […]


As I can’t seem to edit the “about” page, i decided to just write a new post on it.  Sorry for the horn-tooting.   🙂 He is a published photographer specializing in architectural, travel and glamour photography; earning his first magazine cover in 1995.   His photographic book credits include the Fookien Times Philippine Yearbook 2004, […]