on “carrying your camera around” every day…

oh, that is certainly the best way to get familiar with your new camera.

yes, that is highly recommended.  especially if what you bought was a small but very capable portable, such as an olympus or a canon, or a sony.  not that i endorse a specific model, but usually those manufacturers making the big bulky SLRs are coming out with small portables that are as capable as their bigger units.

the primary advantage for carrying it with you often is that you get more familiar with the specific operation of your camera, assuming that you will get the time to bring it out, every now and then.  assuming it stays in your bag the whole time, sort of negates the point of bringing it with you.

from experience, the user interface of each model varies massively, so you will really need to build up your familiarization time with it.  sometimes when you need to adjust the intensity of the flash, you just cannot find out where the controls are, and that gets really really frustrating; and usually i will get a call at around this time.  “teacher Paul, where do i adjust it?”  and all you will get out of me is a hearty laugh.   🙂

now, for those experiencing problems with composition, it will be a good time to practice by photographing details at your place of work.  composition isn’t really on the same level as particle physics (although for the compositionally challenged, it is…) i strongly suggest that you start with one simple subject (either possessing a strong graphic shape, or color) and then build a couple of shots with it.  go back and redo the plates I asked you to do, before.  practice practice lang.  hahah

please leave a note if this helps.

Jesus Paul C. Yan




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