why I chose to specialize in Advertising Photography?

1)  it is repeatable.

make mistakes?  reshoot tomorrow.  brownouts, floods?  reshoot tomorrow.  baby model won’t cooperate?  shoot tomorrow.  wrong stocks arrived from Europe?  shoot next week.

try doing that with weddings.  coverages.  news.

2)  work is usually confined to a room with controlled environment.

3)  work is mainly done with studio equipment;  which requires tremendous specialization.  and I am one of those tremendously specialized.

4)  work rarely strays beyond the 7 hour mark; most often hovering under 4 hours per client.

5)  advertising photography has it’s CLIO Awards.

6)  you mostly do glossy magazines.

7)  you work with some of the most glamorous brands around.

8)  i was taught by some of the best ad photographers in Asia.

9)  i professionally endorse studio lights.  so now when a specific need arises, i can actually have studio lights custom-made for my specific need.

10) coming out with the best single image to portray an idea of a thousand words.  i like challenges like that.   🙂

I am Jesus Paul Yan, protege of the great Emil Davocol; a CLIO awardee.



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