Glossary of Old Photographic Terms & Names

PAUL’S GLOSSARY OF PHOTOGRAPHIC TERMS(copyrighted, please do not reprint without permission)   APERSURE : When you let the camera choose the opening for you. SHATTER SPEED : The minimum camera speed that is fast enough to capture breaking glass. SHUTTER BUG : The insect that hovers over your ear when you take a macro shot. […]

why I chose to specialize in Advertising Photography?

1)  it is repeatable. make mistakes?  reshoot tomorrow.  brownouts, floods?  reshoot tomorrow.  baby model won’t cooperate?  shoot tomorrow.  wrong stocks arrived from Europe?  shoot next week. try doing that with weddings.  coverages.  news. 2)  work is usually confined to a room with controlled environment. 3)  work is mainly done with studio equipment;  which requires tremendous […]